Looking for a chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, video inspection, repair estimate, stove installation? Granite Ridge Chimney carries years of experience and training you are looking for. Servicing all of the Lakes Region of NH, and beyond.  

Contact Granite Ridge Chimney LLC if you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and certified chimney cleaning professional.  

Chimney Cleaning Gilford NH

Chimney Sweeps

Removal of dangerous combustible creosote build up in wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces.

Chimney Liner

Chimney Liners

Why do you need a liner?

A liner is needed if your flue is damaged, missing or not the correct size for your appliance.  

  • A liner is similar to your car exhaust- Your cars exhaust takes burned fuel gases created from your engine and delivers it outside.  

 Why is it important?

Over time, the fumes leaking from a cracked exhaust (Chimney) pipe will damage surrounding components, and could even cause a fire. When they first come out of the engine (wood stove, fireplace), exhaust fumes are extremely hot, but cool gradually as they reach the tailpipe (flue) at the back of the vehicle (top of the chimney). If there’s a hole in the exhaust (chimney) close to the engine, these hot gases can leak out and blow straight at other components (framing) — causing heat damage and increasing the risk of fire. (Source)

Conclusion: A chimney and the flues in use deserve the same if not more attention than your vehicle. Your car can be relatively easy to inspect and repair before it becomes hazardous. Your chimney on the other hand is not. A chimney can take on many different sizes, shapes and fuels. Making it much more difficult to inspect, diagnose and repair. Leave it to an experienced certified professional chimney sweep to inspect and sweep your chimney.  

Chimney Inspection Moultonbourgh NH

Chimney Inspections

Reasons to inspect your chimney:

  • purchasing a home
  • a new wood stove, or heating system
  • poor draft
  • experienced a chimney fire
  • annual cleaning/inspection  

We provide all levels of inspection, video inspections, and installation inspections.  

The National Fire Protection Association sets standards of inspections for wood and oil chimneys and vents, we follow them closely.   

NFPA-211: Inspection — Connections. Connectors, spark arresters, clean-outs, and tee fittings for chimneys and for oil and pellet  venting systems shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness and deposits. 

chimney cap Laconia NH

Chimney Caps

Protective cover over the top of the chimney. Prevents water damage, animal entry, and spark protection.

Don’t leave your chimneys exposed  and unprotected.  

  • Keeping animals out
  • Preventing moisture
  • Protect against fire

All our installed caps are produced locally with New England Chimney Supply.

fireplace installations meredith

Fireplace Installations

Granite Ridge Chimney provides professional installation of EPA certified wood and pellet stoves including; Jotul, Lopi, Napoleon, Woodstock Soapstone. We recommend the following local dealers, Woodstock Soapstone, Energy Savers, Fireside Living, Abundant Life, Eased Edges.

Chimney Repair Laconia NH

Chimney Repairs

Brick repairs, crown repair, flashing repair

We proudly work with local distributors for materials for brick repairs and fireplace makeovers, including Gilbert Block.


Flashing and waterproofing applications prevent water from entering your chimney.

Common brick and majority of masonry materials are porous and will absorb water. As a result, moisture builds in the interior of your chimney and accelerates the deterioration process.

Waterproofing agents used on masonry chimneys are 100% vapor permeable. Therefore, they allow the chimney to breathe while preventing water from entering from the outside. Paint or clear sealers should never be used as a waterproofing agent. As a result of using them, they will trap water vapors and moisture inside the chimney causing further deterioration.

Real Estate Sale Chimney Inspection

Real-Estate Chimney Inspections

Required by the NFPA-211 during the sale or transfer of a property