Simple Steps to Drying Firewood

Are you wasting time, energy and money on burning wet firewood? Learn how to properly dry firewood to decrease creosote buildup, lessen air pollutants in your home, and save money by burning more efficiently.

  1. Split

Start by cutting your firewood into lengths to fit the size of your wood stove and split into a variety of sizes no larger than a 6″ wedge

2. Stack

Stack firewood away from your home and off the ground to encourage and promote air circulation.

3. Cover

Cover only the top, with a tarp or storage.

4. Store

Allow adequate time for the wood to dry. Hardwoods take about 1 year. Drying time can also depend on the size of logs. Be sure to allow this drying time so plan ahead!

There are many ways to acquire your firewood for the winter months.

Many people cut their own, but you can purchase for ease. You can utilize local tree removal companies for your wood. A great local one we recommend is 1 2 Tree. This wood can come already seasoned or green so make sure you check! Also be sure to request hardwood for the most efficient burning. Another local company that is a great source is Province Kiln Dried. Using kiln dried wood assures that your wood is properly dried and immediately ready to burn.

Burning wood that has not been properly stored and dried can result in an excessive amount of creosote build up, which is highly flammable and the cause of chimney fires. If you’re unsure of the quality of wood you’ve been burning we recommend a chimney cleaning to confirm your flue is ready to safely burn.

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